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When does the project start?

The game starts on January 15th and will go on for 4 weeks.

Is it possible for people with a full-time job to participate in the project?

You can do it even if you have a job, if you study, if you have a husband, three kids and a dog (you can look for books on time management on Amazon). This training doesn’t require any special equipment and can be done at home. Each training session takes from 30 to 40 minutes.

What if I don’t have the opportunity to do the workouts every day?

The main rule of the game is to do the kick-off Saturday task. And you get points for every daily and extra tasks done, that might be helpful to go through the game. Anyway, the reason you came here was to gain a beautiful body and a healthy lifestyle, right? That’s why I recommend you to do all the tasks. Your body will be grateful!

How long does one workout session last?

The average time of one training session is from 30 to 40 minutes.

Until what time I’m supposed to send my daily reports?

Until midnight.

Do the tasks differ for men and for women?

We believe in the equality of genders. That’s why both men and women can participate in the project! Men as well as women! And the program won’t differ.

Can I try it?


Can I first try, than pay?


But I doubt myself. What if I suddenly fail.


What can be the reasons to be kicked out from the project?

Incorrect behavior towards other participants or towards the organizers, non-compliance with the rules of the project, failure of the kick-off task and a negative balance. You are a member of the Fatkiller Club as long as you have a positive balance.

Is it necessary to record all the workouts on video?

Only control tasks should be recorded on video.

What if nobody can record my workout session?

You have to find the way – invite friends, teach your kids or your cat to hold the camera, get the tripod or something else.

But how do you know that I fulfilled the task correctly?

The control of daily workouts will be done in participant’s personal account, where written report should be published. The control of special tasks will be done by video reports that should be sent to a personal account for checking. All the reports will be supervised by the project’s administrators.

I’m embarrassed to share a photo of me and my training video in social networks. Is it an obligatory condition for taking part in the game?

Absolutely not obligatory. But you get points for sharing with fatkillerclub hashtag. And it is also nice to get additional support from your friends.

Will everybody see my kick-out tasks?

Nope, only our Supervisors will. But they are hard to surprise.

How is the winner determined?

Maximum score and most impressive "before and after" results will bring you to the top of the leaderboard. The voting is done by all participants that climbed to the final and sent Before & After photos. All the participants vote.

What is the scoring system intended for?

The points you get show your progress and you can compare your achievements with other fatkillers. This measurable results connected directly with your body progress and will make it easy for you and your supervisors to assess your motivation.

Why does the game last for 4 weeks?

As a rule, you need 21 days to set up a new habit. We guide and support you through these 21 days and then you get an extra week to strengthen your new habit of daily exercises.

What if I have a small child and can’t leave the house?

All the tasks are supposed to be done at home. So you don’t need to leave your house.

Will the jogging be one of the tasks? I can’t leave the baby.

Only knockout tasks are obligatory. That’s why you can skip jogging. But running is a very effective fat burning instrument. And you’ve come here to get the result!

And what shall do if I have my period during the Fatkiller game?

Then you can sympathize with yourself. And we will sympathize with you too. But only the first day of your period! After that, the work should be done to achieve the result! If the first day of the period falls on Saturday then it is possible to send the knockout task until the Sunday at noon.

If I have some health restrictions can I still fit into your game?

The project implies a big amount of physical work (squat exercises, jumps, run, push-ups and s.o.) So before taking part in the game you should consult your physician and show him the examples of the exercises.

And do you prescribe the nutrition plan?

We give our recommendations on the nutrition plan and calculate your individual daily norm of calories as well the balance between proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. So you can either calculate your individual nutrition plan by yourself or follow our recommendations on standard nutrition.